Re: today’s latest outrage per the NSA.

I wonder about those who are upset over thousands of programming errors among hundreds of millions – while being perfectly fine with Stop and Frisk. 

That level of hypocrisy hasn’t been matched since Larry Craig came out against gay marriage.

Yep, the NSA is imperfect. I get it. Rather than 100 percent right, it’s about 99.9999999.  I could be wrong, but it’s gonna be like this under any President, I think.

Bottom line: I admire those who dislike both Stop and Frisk, and the NSA programs.  I disagree with you, but admire the consistency. You cannot be for one, and against another. I happen to support both  Stop and Frisk, and Prism (as well as the other programs) – but your opposition is commendable in its uniformity. 

For those who support Stop and Frisk, but scream about the NSA violating your privacy, however – I guess I could say, “now you know how minorities feel in parts of Manhattan,” but the irony would be lost.

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