Cornyn: 'Lying To Congress is a Crime, But Unfortunately Lying To The American People Is Not'

Senator John Cornyn warned HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that lying to Congress is a crime, when he questioned her about veracity of the president’s repeated promise that “you can keep your healthcare plan” at this morning’s Senate Finance Committee hearing on the disastrous ObamaCare roll-out. 

Pointing to a visual aid that displayed what White House was still promising as of yesterday  (“If you like your plan, you can keep it and you don’t have to change a thing due to the health care law”), he declared, “well, we know that lying to Congress is a crime, but unfortunately lying to the American people is not. I’d just like to ask you a simple true or false question. Is that statement on the White House website, true or false?”

Sebelius answered with a long, rambling answer beginning with  “the vast majority of Americans who are insured are in the employer market (that shoe has yet to drop), or in public plans, or veterans plans and those plans have stayed in place and continue to offer benefits….blablabla”

Cornyn interrupted, “my time is limited, so I would just ask that the record note that you refused to answer my question true or false.”

Cornyn went on to cite the CBO estimate that 78,000,000 Americans will not be able to keep their employer provided coverage, which Sebelius claimed she knew nothing about.

“It’s impossible to do anything in this administration that gets you fired,” an exasperated Cornyn responded. “You can lie to the American people, you can consistently misrepresent the facts, but it’s impossible to get fired.” (“Unless your a General”, @contrarian11 helpfully tweeted.)