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Debra Heine

Debra Heine

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Obama WH Still in Denial as Rest of World Wakes Up to Islamist Threat

After being told for the past six years that there is no threat from Islamism, Americans are slowly waking up to the the fact that radical Islam does indeed pose a serious threat to the West. It is becoming difficult for most to deny that the carnage we witnessed in Paris, as well as Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, our own shores on 9/11, and in countless other countries for the past 1,400 years, is a product of Islam.

Senator Mike Lee: ‘The CRomnibus Is Perfect’… (Video)

Republican Senator Mike Lee joined Senators Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions Friday night to push for a vote to defund the president’s amnesty decree in the “Cromnibus” spending bill.  The trio of conservative senators were hoping to get the defund vote onto

Suspect Arrested In Wichita Rape/Burning Case

In response to Horror: Woman Sexually Assaulted, Beaten, And Set on Fire In Wichita Park: With very little to go on, police in Wichita, Kansas have managed to track down and arrest a suspect in the horrific case of the woman

Republicans May Have Gruber Testify Before Congress

Republicans May Have Gruber Testify Before Congress

On MSNBC, Wednesday morning, Politico health care reporter Jennifer Haberkorn quipped that the White House would love it if Jonathan Gruber would just stop talking and added that they would probably put a gag order on him if they could. House Republicans, on