Gay N.J. Waitress Has A History Of Lying, According To New Report

Earlier this week, the story of Dayna Morales, a gay N.J. waitress who claimed she was stiffed on a tip and instead received a nasty note regarding her sexual orientation, unraveled. The family to whom the receipt pertained came forward, showing their own copy of the receipt (and credit card statement) proves they did, in fact, leave a tip and vehemently denying they would ever leave such a note (see here for further details). 

Morales and the restaurant had no substantive response. 

A newspaper in Morales’s hometown, The Journal News, has now researched her past, revealing that Morales seems to have quite a history of lying, according to those quoted in the piece.

Morales reportedly:

a) told co-workers she shaved her head because she had brain cancer but later claimed it was her friend who had brain cancer;

b) claimed Hurricane Sandy severely damaged her home, including sending a boat through it but, when caring co-workers dropped by, they only found minor damage to the carpet

c) said she was a former Marine who served in Afghanistan; that everyone else in her platoon perished in an explosion; and that the event left her with a back injury that required surgery and months of recovery time. But during the time off from work for said surgery and recovery, Morales was instead reportedly posting photos on vacation in Florida with a girlfriend. And as for her service, a Marines spokesman confirms Morales did serve in the Marines, with a rank of Lance Corporal, E-3, as an administrative specialist but “[t]here is no indication of combat service in Iraq or Afghanistan.” 

A former co-worker comments: “Any tragedy that happened, she had to be a part of it. She needed sympathy and empathy…. It’s like she’s taking it to a whole other level. Now you’re lying to people to get their money. It’s not even for sympathy now.”

Meanwhile, the Left remains curiously silent on this story. While the media was quick to breathlessly run with Morales’s initial tale of victimization, articles regarding the dismantling of her story have been both few in number and reluctant in tone. 

As for the many who pointed a finger at ‘Christian bigotry,’ no apology has been issued.

h/t to The Journal News