The Eco-Friendly Tax Credit Shell Game

You know how we keep hearing about the incentives for people to “go green” for the tax credits?  Turns out those tax credits aren’t always going to the consumer

Solar City has come under frequent criticism of its unethical behavior in milking hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies from the USA government. Its sister
concern Tesla run by Elon Musk is also facing the same criticism. One of the biggest issue that has come up with Solar City is the fact that it claims a 30% tax credit on its solar installation which is meant for its customers. It takes away the 30% tax credit, while leasing the solar panels to its customers who may face high electricity bills and do not get any share of the subsidy. Most customers are ignorant about the complicated laws and regulations that make up the solar policies. They are happy with whatever small savings that SolarCity offers them. USA’s federal and state governments have a lengthy complex procedure for approving solar subsidies. 

Additionally, SolarCity inflated the cost of their installations so they could get a larger tax credit.  Time and time again we’re told these alternative energy companies will benefit consumers, but these companies can’t seem to operate without cronyism, subsidies paid for by taxpayers, and dishonesty.