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Salon: Santa Barbara Shooting Victim's Father 'Should Scare the Sh*t out of the NRA'

Salon: Santa Barbara Shooting Victim's Father 'Should Scare the Sh*t out of the NRA'


On May 29, Salon magazine published a profile piece on Richard Martinez, father of Christopher Michael-Martinez, asserting that the elder Martinez “should scare the sh*t out of the NRA.”

Martinez’s son was among the three persons Elliot Rodger shot to death on May 23, after savagely stabbing three persons to death earlier in the evening. 

On May 24, Martinez blamed his son’s death on “craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA.” And according to Salon, the NRA has “finally” met its match and “Martinez should have them shaking” because he offers “a direct rebuttal to the LaPierres and Palins in this country.”

(Never mind that Salon offers a perfect example of everything that is wrong with politicizing tragedy, and even Mr. Martinez’s agony.)

Salon says Mr. Martinez understands what is at stake, just like “Sybrina Fulton–the mother of Trayvon Martin.” And they warn that the gun rights supporters will try to destroy Mr. Martinez before he can accomplish the mission he is on: “The pro-gun crowd is going to come out hard against him, just as they have turned on other parents and survivors.”

While focusing on “the NRA,” “the gun lobby,” and “gun apologists,” Salon forgot to mention that three of Rodger’s victims–half of his six victims–were stabbed to death, not shot. 

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