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NRA Launches Drive to Add 100,000 Members in 100 Days

The drive comes after left-leaning activists, students for gun control, and media outlets in lockstep with both spent weeks flooding the airwaves with calls for more gun control following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Michael Ian Black Blames NRA for YouTube HQ Shooting

As news of the shooting at YouTube’s San Bruno, California, headquarters was still coming in, actor-comedian Michael Ian Black tweeted of his plans to “politicize the fuck out of” the shooting and blame it on the “NRA and its blood-soaked lackeys.”

Jimmy Carter: NRA Represents Gun Manufacturers, Not Gun Owners

Tuesday on “CBS This Morning,” former President Jimmy Carter said the National Rifle Association (NRA) represented the interests of gun manufactures and sellers, not gun owners. Talking about student gun control activists, Carter said, “I just hope and pray they will