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MILO: One Gay Brit Has Done More For Conservatism Than 30 Years of Establishment Conservatives


Breitbart senior editor MILO claimed it was strange “that one gay guy from Britain has managed to accomplish more than thirty years of other conservatives,” on the American college campus, during SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday.

After claiming that he came to America in search of freedom, only to discover that academia, the media, and the entertainment industry were some of the most anti-free speech places he’d seen, MILO declared his intentions to talk about his “experiences in various American social institutions and where I think the conservative movement has been getting things wrong up until now.”

“You listeners will know I’m not prone to self-flattery, but it might strike you as strange that one gay guy from Britain has managed to accomplish more than thirty years of other conservatives on American college campuses,” proclaimed MILO. “It’s very depressing.”

“I agree it is pretty depressing,” added Breitbart News’ Matthew Boyle, who was hosting the show.

“I wonder where the rest of the conservative movement has been,” MILO continued. “I think the answer is: writing essays, investing in think tanks and magazines that nobody reads, [and] complaining about the problems rather than going and actually doing something about it.”

“Now I know some conservatives find my style a little abrasive and my message a little coarse, but they’re working, and they’re working in the same way that Donald Trump is,” he concluded. “He’s not refined… but he gets the job done, and I think I’m doing something of the same on college campuses. So [at CPAC I will point out] a few observations about where I think the conservative movement has perhaps been getting it slightly wrong and what I think you guys should focus on in the next ten years.”

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