Kaine on 2016: Hillary Faced ‘Continuing Existence of a Double Standard for Women’

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the treatment 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton received on the campaign trail as presidential candidate showed a “continuing existence of a double standard for women.”

Host Kristen Welker said, “You say in one section of the book, 2016, when you were then-Secretaryq Clinton’s running mate ‘taught me some painful lessons about a country I thought I understood.’ What are the lessons?”

Kaine said, “In 2016, one of the things I learned pretty powerfully is there’s still a double standard affecting women. Look, I knew that intellectually. I’m married to a professional woman, and I’ve seen it in her life and in the lives of others, but not until I was on that trail with Hillary and saw a good person and a good public servant, you know, judged more harshly than her opponent in numerous instances, I think I really got a PHD in the continuing existence of a double standard for women.”

He added, “But I also learned on my journey something really important. We are polarized in this country in politics. Joe Biden or Donald Trump or Israel or Gaza, there’s a lot we disagree on, but we need to remember without sugar coating that, there are also areas where we agree.”

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