A-Rod Arbitrator Is Dodgers Fan

A-Rod Arbitrator Is Dodgers Fan

The arbitrator who will decide the fate of Alex Rodriguez is reportedly a Dodgers fan.

According to the New York Post, Fred Horowitz, 65, will hear Rodriguez’s appeal. He has been an arbitrator since 1989 and “was a staff attorney for the Airline Pilots Association from 1975-1984. Now, much of his business comes from arbitration within the airline industry.”

He “replaced Shyam Das in June 2012 as baseball’s arbitrator.” Das ruled in favor of Ryan Braun on a technicality and was reportedly replaced.

“He’s a baseball nut,” said Doug Collins, another arbitrator based in Southern California, told the Post. “He’s a Dodgers fan, of course, but he can put that aside when it comes to a case. He’s the consummate professional.”

Rodriguez was suspended on Monday for 211 games, but has decided to appeal the penalty. Major League Baseball has said Rodriguez will be allowed to play until his appeal is resolved.