Deportee Accused of Shooting Limo Driver after He Asked for Tip

Phoenix illegal
Phoenix PD
Phoenix, AZ

A previously deported illegal immigrant felon is facing assault charges after being tied to three separate shootings in the Phoenix area, one involving a limo driver.

Zhair Zamora-Sepulveda, 29, is accused most recently of shooting at a limo driver outside of his Maricopa County home, according to a police report.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Alan Pfohl said Zamora-Sepulveda and his girlfriend rented a white, Hummer limousine the night of the shooting to go to a party. When dropping the couple back off at their house, the limo driver reminded them that they had paid for the vehicle until midnight.

When the limo driver asked for “additional monies,” most likely a tip for his services, that’s when Zamora-Sepulveda went inside his home and came out with a handgun, as he began shooting at the limo driver, striking him twice in the leg.

After police took Zamora-Sepulveda into custody, they discovered his alleged involvement with two other shootings, one of which he admitted his involvement in.

In February 2013, Zamora-Sepulveda shot a victim in the stomach, according to police, and back in 2011, the illegal immigrant was involved in a shooting right outside of his home.

Zamora-Sepulveda, though, should have never been in the U.S. to begin with. The illegal immigrant was deported in 2009 after being convicted for misconduct with a weapon, which is a felony. Sometime following his deportation and 2011, nonetheless, he crossed back into the U.S. through the U.S.-Mexico southern border.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.