GOP Debate From Florida

Rock Center anchor and managing editor Brian Williams moderates the NBC News debate between 2012 Republican presidential candidates from Tampa, Florida. The live video will begin at 9pm/8c.

Newt: I’m Unelectable Like Reagan Was Against Carter
Mitt: Lobbyist Newt Was ‘Influence Peddler’
Mitt Attacks Newt Over House Ethics Questions
Santorum On His Path To Victory
Ron Paul Remains Coy On 3rd Party Run
Romney Questioned Over Tax Returns
Santorum To Romney: If You Like Capitalism Why Did You Back TARP?
Romney Hits Newt On Freddie Mac, Medicare
Mitt’s Attack Leaves Newt Speechless… Momentarily
Ron Paul: Let House Prices Continue To Fall
Brian Williams Shocked At Idea Wall Street Is Over-Regulated
Newt: We Should Actively Work For Overthrow Of Castro
Ron Paul: We’ve ‘Propped Up’ Castro For 40 Years With Sanctions
Brian Williams To Santorum: Isn’t Cuba Policy Just Ploy For Florida Votes?
Paul: US ‘Blockade’ Of Iran ‘Act Of War’
Romney: Iran Blocking Straight Of Hormuz Would Be Act Of War
Newt: Obama Projects Weakness To Iran
Santorum: Would Be Reckless NOT To Stop Iran
Santorum: Best Thing For Florida Economy Is To Pump More Oil
Newt: I’d Sign Dream Act With Military Component
Santorum: Illegal Immigrants Are Leaving Now Because They Can’t Find Jobs
Professor Newt Explains Beet Sugar Vs. Cane Sugar Subsidies
Romney: End All Subsidies, ‘Let Markets Work Properly’
Paul Won’t End Federal Everglades Project
Debate Moderator Focuses On Seven-Year-Old Terri Schiavo Case
Newt: Offer Prizes To Private Industry For Space Projects
Debate Moderator: ‘Why Didn’t Bush Tax Cuts Work?’
Moderator Williams To Romney: What have You Done For Republican Party?
Newt: I’ve Been In The Conservative Fight Since Goldwater
Santorum: No Difference Between Newt, Mitt And Obama On Core Issues
Ron Paul Defines ‘Conservative’ For Brian Williams
Brian Williams To Newt: ‘What Scares You About The Presidency?’
Brian Williams To Romney: ‘When Was America Last Great?’