Gingrich Slams Morgan Over 'Lovely Propaganda'

Gingrich Slams Morgan Over 'Lovely Propaganda'

Former Speaker of The House Newt Gingrich on CNN with host Piers Morgan:

Morgan “How many more bullets do you need to fire, Mr. Speaker, before that qualifies as a dangerous killing machine by your criteria?”

Gingrich “Well, by my criteria, and this goes back to the question of what you respect, Piers. I think the Second Amendment really matters.”

Morgan “I put it to you that an AR-15 military-style assault weapon was used in the last five mass shootings,”

Gingrich “It’s not a military-style assault weapon. Look, this is a lovely propaganda.”

Morgan “What else do you call then? A machine that can fire 100 bullets in a minute. What else do you call it?”

Gingrich “I would simply say to you that millions of people, by your own definition, own an AR-15, They’re law-abiding. They think it is their right under our Constitution to own it, and don’t kid the rest of us.”

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