State Dept On House Benghazi Report: We've Been Transparent

State Dept On House Benghazi Report: We've Been Transparent

QUESTION: I was wondering if the State Department had any reaction to the report by a number of House Republican chairmen on the Benghazi attack which was a bit critical of the role of former Secretary Clinton.
MR. VENTRELL: Right. Well, first of all, Shaun, you know that the Department’s top priority is the safety and security of our men and women who serve on the frontlines around the world; and while we can’t eliminate danger, we work tirelessly to mitigate it. And as Secretary Kerry stated last week, we cannot and we will not retreat from engaging on the frontlines of diplomacy. As you know, we’ve had extensive and unprecedented cooperation with the Congress on this issue. The Department has exhibited an unprecedented level of transparency throughout the process. We’ve made the unclassified ARB report available to the public, the entire classified report available to the Congress, and we remain committed to working with Congress in a constructive manner as we move forward and continue to implement the recommendations of the report. So there’s been eight hearings, there have been 20 briefings, and as the House itself noted in – the House Republicans noted in this report, there have been 25,000 pages of documentation which we’ve handed over to them in response to their requests. So we’re very determined to continue to cooperate and we’ve been clear that we’ve had unprecedented cooperation to date.
QUESTION: So you welcome the report by the House Republicans?
MR. VENTRELL: I didn’t say that. What I said is we’ve had unprecedented cooperation. Some of the specific allegations in there or requests for more information have been asked and answered in a number of these sessions. So there are points in this report where they’re asking or seeking more information. We’ve provided all this information and we’ve continued to be transparent. And the Secretary, when he was testifying on this last week, was clear that we’ll continue to provide –
QUESTION: Do you reject or accept the outlined conclusions from the report?
MR. VENTRELL: They are not consistent with what we believe in terms of our transparency and the work that we’ve done, so we don’t agree with their conclusions.

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