Bloomberg's Al Hunt on Cantor Defeat: 'Biggest Shock I Have Ever Seen in Electoral Politics'

Bloomberg's Al Hunt on Cantor Defeat: 'Biggest Shock I Have Ever Seen in Electoral Politics'

On Wednesday’s “Morning Joe,” long-time political analyst Al Hunt, host of “Political Capital” on Bloomberg Television TV, sounded off on House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) loss to Tea Party upstart Dave Brat on Tuesday.

Hunt called it the “biggest shock” he had ever seen and said it spells the end for the immigration push.

First of all, it’s the biggest shock I have ever seen in electoral politics. I don’t think anybody anticipated it. Eric Cantor was at a fund-raiser in Washington yesterday morning. This guy didn’t spend any money. If you got money in Bobby Van stock, sell it. It doesn’t do very well. But Joe, the other thing is this is not a right-wing district. This is not your redneck riviera. I was born in that district. This is a very Republican district, but one that Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) carried. Barack Obama once got 46 percent.”

“I think this is a grassroots whatever you call it — Tea Party, right-wing, ‘throw the rascals out,’ whatever,” he continued. “I agree with Mark [Halperin]. The implications are profound. I don’t think immigration has even a slim chance this year and I suspect it endangers it for next year. And the House for the rest of this year, Congress and the House majority is going to be focused on nothing but the leadership. And that never is a conducive atmosphere for getting anything done.”

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