Buchanan: GOP 'Ought to Stand for Something Different' Than Obama

Buchanan: GOP 'Ought to Stand for Something Different' Than Obama

Columnist Pat Buchanan argued that the 2014 election was “a repudiation of Obama” and that the GOP should “stand for something different” on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

“The American people, what did they do last night? They rejected Obama’s leadership and his policies…it is a repudiation of Obama. If they wanted Obama to have a basically an end to obstruction, they would have voted for a Nancy Pelosi House and a Harry Reid Senate.  They voted to reject that.  They voted for a Republican Party that stands for something different and it ought to stand for something different and ought to indicate that in what it passes and sends down to the White House” he stated.

Buchanan added that Republicans have a “mandate” on the Keystone XL Pipeline, deregulation, and border security.  

He particularly emphasized the importance of acting quickly on border security, saying “I think you’re going to get an executive amnesty…that will really rip this country apart, it will rip the Democratic Party apart because I think a lot of Democrats, they cannot go with that usurpation of power by the president after he’s been repudiated and the country doesn’t want it.  For him to go ahead and do that, but it will also rip the Republican Party apart, that’s why I think they ought to begin to move on that border security bill.”

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