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Kurtz: Rolling Stone ‘Brushed Away’ Important Questions on UVA Story

Kurtz: Rolling Stone ‘Brushed Away’ Important Questions on UVA Story


Fox News Channel Media Analyst and “MediaBuzz” host Howard Kurtz said that Rolling Stone “brushed away” important questions about and “stubbornly stood by” its story on a rape on the University of Virginia’s campus on Friday’s “Happening Now.”

After hearing the statement put out by Rolling Stone, Kurtz stated “this story is falling apart. Now, I don’t know exactly what happened. When you have officials close to this fraternity at the University of Virginia campus saying the fraternity party where this alleged gang rape took place didn’t even happen on the night it was supposed to have [happened]. And you have ‘Jackie,’ the first name of the accuser changing her story in interviews with the Washington Post and other organizations beside Rolling Stone whether there were 5 or 7 assailants. We’ve gone from serious journalistic questions, about as you mentioned, why did the reporter Sabrina, not try harder to find out what the men were accused…to get their side of the story. Now we have basic details being questioned, we have some of Jackie’s own friends saying they’re not sure they fully believe her account. And we have Rolling Stone, which has stubbornly stood by this story and brushed away these questions.”

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