Buchanan: Stopping Trump with Brokered Convention Would Be ‘Political Suicide’ for GOP Establishment

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” conservative commentator Pat Buchanan said if the reports are true that there is a plan for the so-called Republican Party establishment to stop a Donald Trump nomination with a brokered convention it would be “political suicide.”

Buchanan said, “If the establishment, as they had that gathering up at the source restaurant on Capitol Hill, attempts to frustrate the nomination of Donald Trump if he won the most delegates and the most voters—I think that would be political suicide for the Republican establishment. If you track the anti-establishment vote, you have Cruz and Carson to Trump, you’re talking about about 70 percent of the party. The establish is being repudiated by the party, and to see the establishment attempt to re-impose one of its own on the party would tear the party in half.

He added, “Let’s say Donald Trump comes into the nomination leading in delegates and votes and Cruz is second, Rubio is third, and Carson is fourth. What happens is, the Donald calls up Cruz and says would you like to be my vice-president in return for your delegates? If Cruz says no, the Donald says, what is Marco Rubio’s phone number? And so the two leaders would get together with enough to win it, get together as the ticket. This is ten minutes to midnight for the establishment, and really what they’re talking about is not only absurd, it is stupid because of the message it’s sending to this party.”

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