Hillary Clinton: Rooseveltian, or Just Clinton II

AP Photos
AP Photos
New York, NY

Hillary Clinton is kicking off her campaign on New York’s Roosevelt Island on June 13 and, as Politico reports, it “will not be the first time that the former secretary of state—or her husband, for that matter—has invoked the famous family in a political setting”.

Citing “imbalances that were in the economy and in society,” during Theodore Roosevelt’s time in the White House, Hillary feels there are similarities to be seized upon politically now. “I do think there are parallels between the time in which he served and our own times,” said Hillary. She even has a Princeton professor, Sean Wilentz, advising her as to how she fits into what Politico calls “recent progressive political history.”

Or perhaps it’s not Roosevelt at all Hillary is shooting for, but rather Clinton II.

During his 1996 re-election campaign, President Bill Clinton said that he wanted to be remembered as the only president other than Theodore Roosevelt who shaped an era “without a major war catalyzing it.”

“I would hope that they would say that for the second time since the beginning of the Republic, during these years America made a major change in the way people worked, lived, and related to each other and the rest of the world,” the 42nd president told The Washington Post.