Ask Ben: Crony Capitalism


Harvey Bloom, Merrimack, New Hampshire asks:

How would you break the bond between the legislators and crony capitalism? There seems to be zero interest in the Federal Government for zero-based budgeting and using GAAP rules that are used to disclose financials of companies in a uniform manner.

Dr. Ben Carson:

Well, there really is no room, as far as I’m concerned, for all these special interest groups and people who gain favors from the government utilizing taxpayers’ resources. It makes absolutely no sense, at all. It’s one of the reasons that, in my campaign, I have personally refused to go after special interest group money. I have refused to lick the boots of billionaires and beg them for their resources. I welcome their resources if they have no interest in trying to influence policies and if they’re interested in just seeing America flourish, absolutely, I would welcome those, but there are relatively few of them who are like that. And a Carson administration would adhere to exactly those same principles.

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