Pollster Kellyanne Conway: GOP Establishment Knocked Flat On Its Back

Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz
The Associated Press
Washington, DC

Pollster Kellyanne Conway, president and CEO of the polling company, “inc./WomanTrend,” told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon today, “For whatever else happens in 2016, the one, two punch of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz has left the establishment flat on its backs. They aren’t even part of the conversation. They cannot recover.”

Conway went on, “This nonsense of electability that you and I have been talking about for years … ‘you can’t win’, ‘you can’t win’, it’s been the death knell of people like Trump and Cruz in the past and this time, it’s the establishment candidates. It’s somebody names Bush. It’s Chris Christie.” Adding in Kasich and rubio, Conway pointed out that poll after poll points out, it’s the establishment candidates who are un-electable this year.

Added Conway, “Conservatives should no longer be called a wing of he party. They are the bse of the party.”

The rest of the interview can be heard below.