Politico: Cruz Hits Stride; Mocks Trump

Associated Press
Associated Press

Katie Glueck writes in Politico:

Still riding a wave of confidence after winning the Iowa Caucuses, Ted Cruz was in rare form Wednesday night as he mocked Donald Trump over everything from losing Iowa to a previous record of liberal policy positions.

“Have you noticed Donald doesn’t take losing well?” he said at a town hall here. “Donald told us every day for a year he was going to win Iowa, win it big, win it ‘yuuuuuge,’” he said, poking at Trump’s speaking style.

“I don’t think people are interested in temper tantrums, or you could call it a ‘Trumpertantrum,’” he continued, when asked about a number of criticisms Trump has thrown at him recently, including that his Monday night win in Iowa was fraudulent.

Cruz’s comments came hours after his first major escalation of attacks of the day, when he suggested Trump’s temperament was so poor that he might be inclined to “nuke Denmark,” and Cruz also suggested his young daughters were more mature than Trump.

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