Exclusive — Republican Woman Who Challenged Hillary Clinton Endured Years of Threats, From an Audit to Dead Fish Dumped in Her Yard

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Republican New Hampshire state representative Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien endured nearly two decades of bizarre and menacing threats after she began protesting what she calls Hillary Clinton’s enabling of her husband’s predilection for sexual assault, she revealed to Breitbart News.

The most recent and vicious ones came after she stood up at a January Clinton rally and demanded to know why Clinton covered up for her husband after Juanita Broaddrick charged he raped her — and the mainstream media mobbed O’Brien in a frenzy.

“They were really specific about my kids and how I should watch my back,” O’Brien told Breitbart News in a strained voice. “It’s kind of hard to talk about. But everything’s fine. Everything’s OK. It’s just a lot of weird stuff that’s happened in the past that makes you wonder, what the heck does that mean? Why is this happening?”

“I had a pile of dead fish put in my yard,” she said, referring to when she announced she was running to become a state representative in 2010. “Someone had to walk across my property to put it there… Stuff like that.”

“I was kind of puzzled when it happened. I thought, this kind of stuff doesn’t happen in state rep. races,” she added.

“Back in 2000, I led a demonstration outside Hillary Clinton’s headquarters to ask her the same thing: Do you believe Juanita Broaddrick? That was what the whole demonstration was about. To ask her that question. And I was audited. I got the notice of that the eve of the demonstration. I was told by some pretty experienced law enforcement personnel that it would be wise for me to not do that demonstration.”

The demonstration took place during August 2000. O’Brien said she made a speech saying women should not be treated poorly and they should be believed when they claim they were sexually assaulted. O’Brien also tried to ask Clinton the same question during a rally in Nashua, New Hampshire in 2007. Secret Service led her away, she said.

Since Clinton has very tightly-controlled rallies, O’Brien decided to jump up and ask Clinton anyway — which drew the ire of Clinton’s supporters and the journalists invested in elected the first woman president.

“When I ask about sexual assault, they pretend like I’m asking about affairs, and they brush it away,” O’Brien said. “This is nuts.”

“People would call me and tell me bad stuff was going to happen to me, including that I would get audited,” she said. At the time she thought: “OK, that sounds paranoid. I should have to worry about that. This is a free country. This is America. But that feeling changed when I got audited. Because it made me wonder what else was going to happen.”

“I hope so. I hope everything’s fine. But I won’t know there’s a problem until it’s too late to know it’s a problem. But I hope everything’s fine… I’m just going to make wise choices and take the advice of the state police and local police. That’s how I operate. I’m also quite a proponent of the Second Amendment,” she said, adding New Hampshire allows concealed carry. “Anybody who looks at any women going down the street — the woman may or not be packing heat and act accordingly. That’s what I like about this state.”

“I think this is a lot bigger than me,” she continued. “This is still a free country and I demand it remain one.”

One female college student at the University of Michigan told O’Brien her question about the sex scandals — and rape allegations — plaguing the Clintons influenced the way they view the Democratic couple.

“The younger women are learning about this situation and they’re making up their own minds about this, and this narrative that Hillary Clinton is good for women is being exposed for the lie it is. Hillary Clinton is a traitor to the core values of feminism. And I’m glad that the young women appreciate that and see that.”

O’Brien also appeared on Breitbart News Daily with host Stephen K. Bannon Tuesday to discuss the threats she and her family received after she questioned Clinton at a recent rally.


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