Fox News Comments on Megyn Kelly Meeting with Donald Trump

Donald Trump; Megyn Kelly
The Associated Press
Washington, DC

Fox News’s Megyn Kelly, who was seen entering Trump Tower Wednesday morning, reportedly requested a meeting with the GOP frontrunner Donald Trump prior to a special broadcast with him airing on May 23rd. The substance of the meeting is to be revealed on her show Wednesday night.

Fox News released a statement about the meeting:

FOX News Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes has spoken to Donald Trump a few times over the past three months about appearing on a FOX Broadcasting special with Megyn Kelly airing on May 23. Kelly requested a meeting with Mr. Trump, which took place at Trump Tower this morning. The results of that meeting will be revealed on tonight’s Kelly File at 9 PM/ET. Kelly has acknowledged in recent interviews that Trump is a fascinating person to cover and has electrified the Republican base.

Kelly and Trump have been sparring since Trump charged she treated him unfairly during a GOP primary debate hosted by Fox News last August.