Stephen K. Bannon: Progressives Need to See ‘Clinton Cash’ to Understand How the Clintons Betrayed Your Values and ‘Sold You Out for Money’

In a videotaped interview Reuters about the new documentary film “Clinton Cash” based on Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book of the same name, the film’s write/producer Stephen K. Bannon says, “I want as many progressives to see this as possible because I think we have to understand how the Clintons, who proclaim to support all your values, essentially have sold you out for money.”

“The American general public they don’t argue about her competence, they don’t argue about her toughness, they don’t argue about how smart she is. The big concern they have is how trustworthy she is,” Bannon added.

In the interview, Schweizer states, “My hope for the film is that people will see it and it will get them to not only see the Clintons in a different way but when it comes to politics in general yes policies important, personality is important but follow the money, always follow the money.”

“Clinton Cash” was shown at a special screening for distributors this week at the Cannes film festival.

Watch the video of the interview above. Watch the “Clinton Cash” trailer below: