***2016 LiveWire*** Trump: Radical Islam ‘Anti-American’; Clinton in ‘Total Denial’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (L) and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton will face each other in the 2016 US Presidential election

Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 election.

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7:40: Trump on what he meant when he said Obama may have “something else on his mind.”

7:15: Trump: Obama has more anger towards him than ISIS:

6:45: Trump’s message must have hit a nerve. Human Rights Campaign president, like self-appointed leaders of minority communities, denounces Trump’s remarks about Clinton’s hypocrisy re: gay rights:

6:32: And yet this “Smart Set” member is actively working to get Clinton elected.

Another member of the GOP “Smart Set.”

6:30: Clinton team sounding as lawyerly as she is (compare to Trump’s blunt talk):

6:15: Sanders at Burlington vigil honoring Orlando terror victims.

6:10: Otherwise known as the usual suspects re: mainstream media bias:

National Press Club president calls Washington Post ban “un-American.”

Committee to Protect Journalists also felt the need to weigh in:

5:59: Trump calls on “Crooked Hillary” to return the $25 million the Clinton Foundation received from Saudi Arabia:


3:15: On CNN, former CIA agent Robert Baer says he agrees with Trump that our immigration system is completely broken and fears an immigrant who slips through the cracks will commit the next terror attack on American soil.

3:11: Clinton’s email to supporters on the Orlando terror attacks focuses mostly on the need to not “demonize” Muslims:

3:01: Trump says our goal should be to “defeat Islamic terrorism” instead of “nation-building,” which Trump says has been a “total and complete disaster” in the Middle East.

3:00: Trump says there needs to be consequences for those in the Muslim community who do not turn in known terrorists/radicals.

2:55: Trump says radical Islamists murder gays and imprison women and he doesn’t want them into our country. He also points out that America already has the world’s MOST GENEROUS immigration policy and we continue to import people with “no checks and scrutiny.” Trump points that massive immigration has also lowered wages for Americans.

“Whether it’s a matter of national security or financial security, we can’t afford to keep going like this,” he says. Trump says communities from “all backgrounds are ready for some relief. Trump says his proposals are “defensive” and not “offensive.” Trump calls on the Muslim community to turn in radicals. “They know what’s going on,” Trump says.

2:52: Trump says Clinton’s immigration policy wants to benefit politically-correct special interests. He says we have to get tough now because “later will be too late.” Trump, speaking about home-grown terrorism, says radical Islam is an “import from overseas.” Trump says it will be easier to deal with the current problem if we stop allowing people who will add to the problem.  Trump says Clinton can’t ever claim to be a friend of the gay community so long as she support immigration policies that continue to allow Muslims who hate gays/women to come into the country. “She can’t have it both ways,” Trump says , pointing out that Clinton wants to bring more people into the country who want to oppress gays/women.

He asks why Clinton wants to bring in more people who reject our values… Trump says he is a better friend of women/LGBT community with his ACTIONS than Clinton is with her words.

2:51: Mainstream media keep emphasizing that the Orlando terrorist was born in America. That makes Trump’s argument to temporarily ban immigrants from Muslim nations even stronger since even those born in America can be easily radicalized:

2:50: Trump says Islamic terrorists want to also take over our children and convince them how wonderful ISIS and radical Islam are.

2:49: Trump says Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing and “he’s failed us.” Trump says America admits at least 100,000 immigrants from the Middle East a year without any plan for our national security. He says Clinton’s State Department was in charge of these admissions. Having learned nothing from these attacks, Clinton, Trump says, is planning a 500% increase in Syrian refugees.

“How stupid is that?” Trump says, adding that this will be worse than the Trojan Horse.

2:48: Trump says Americans need to get more information about the immigration history of all all individuals implicated in terrorist activities of any kind inside the United States. “The public has a right to know how these people got here,” Trump adds. Trump says we have to control the flow of immigration while preventing large pockets of radicalization from forming inside of America.

2:47: Trump says Clinton supports policies that will bring radical Islam into the United States while allowing it to grow overseas. He says ignorance is “not bliss” but “deadly.” Trump says he “refuses to be politically correct.” He adds that the “days of deadly ignorance will end.”

2:46: Trump slams Clinton for wanting to disarm law-abiding citizens and leaving only criminals and terrorists with guns. Trump says Clinton wants to leave Americans up for slaughter and let the terrorists have all the fun they want with a disarmed citizenry.

2:45: Trump slams Clinton for refusing to say “radical Islam.” Trump says Clinton has “no clue what radical Islam is” and won’t speak honestly about it. Trump says Clinton is in “total denial” and her reluctance to name the enemy broadcasts weakness across the entire world.

2:43: Trump says we need to be honest about how radical Islam is coming to our shores because of  the country’s dysfunctional immigration system. Trump mentions that the 9/11 terrorists got visas and the Boston Bombers received asylum. He points out that the female San Bernardino terrorist came here on the fiancé visa.

2:42: Trump: Radical Islam is incompatible with western values and institution while being anti-woman, anti-gay and anti-American. Trump says he refuses America to become a place where jews, Americans and gays can become targets of radical Islamic preachers. He says this is not just a “national security issue” but also a “quality of life issue.”

2:40: Trump says we can’t allow more immigrants who have the same thought process as the “savage” who terrorized Orlando.

2:37: Trump insists on the temporary Muslim ban and he says it will be lifted when the country can properly screen immigrants. Trump says immigration laws allow the president to suspend entry of “any class” of persons for the “interest of the United States.” Trump says it’s as “he or she” deems appropriate and “hopefully, it’s he in this case.” Trump says he will suspend immigration from areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism against America, Europe and our allies.

2:35: Trump says our “dysfunctional immigration system” and an “incompetent administration” do not know who we let into our country.

2:33: Trump says political correctness cripples America’s ability to act clearly/tough in response to terrorism. Trump says he won’t say the terrorist’s name and mentions that his father declared solidarity with the Afghan Taliban. Trump says the only reason the killer was in America because we allowed his family to come here.

2:32: Trump asks for a moment of silence for the victims of the Orlando terror attack. Trump says the nation stands together in solidarity with Orlando’s LGBT community. Trump says this is a “dark moment” in American history because a radical Islamic terrorist targeted a night club because he wanted to kill Americans and execute gays and lesbians. Trump says the attack was an attack on every single American.

2:31: Trump wants to discuss the “growing threat of terrorism” inside our borders.

2:30: In New Hampshire, Donald Trump says Secret Service agents have said that Hillary Clinton lacks the temperament to be president.

1:55: Scott Brown attending Trump’s New Hampshire speech:

1:48: Packed house for Trump’s New Hampshire address:

1:45: In the opinion of mainstream media journalists in D.C. or voters?

1:42: Clinton, like President Obama, doesn’t mention Donald Trump:

1:39: Clinton talks about how Americans had each other’s backs after 9/11. She says Americans worked together instead of attacking each other to rebuild New York. She says President George W. Bush went to a Muslim community center six days after the attacks. Clinton says it is “time to get back to the spirit of those days.”

1:36: Clinton mentions E Pluribus Unum. Clinton says “one” before catching herself and saying E Pluribus Unum means “out of many, one.” Democrats like Al Gore who favor the “Salad Bowl” instead of the “melting pot” want the phrase to mean “out of one, many.”

1:32: Clinton rails against “inflammatory” anti-Muslim rhetoric and against potential bans against Muslims entering the United States. Clinton also rails against surveillance programs against Muslims. She says it plays “right into the terrorists’s hands.” Clinton says our enemies use a “distorted version of Islam” to justify their terror.

[Clinton much more enthusiastic/passionate defending Muslims than attacking radical Islam.]

1:31: Clinton now defends peace-loving Muslims who raise their families and work across America. She says they are the most likely to recognize the “insidiousness” of radicalization. She says we should not be “scapegoating” or “isolating” them.

1:30: Clinton says it’s long past time for nations like Saudi Arabia to stop their citizens from funding extremist organizations. She says we have to do a better job of intercepting ISIS’s messages on social media.

[Clinton is robotically reading a laundry list of various policy proposals. She should ask John Kerry how that went against George W. Bush.]

1:28: Clinton says she is not going to stop fighting for these types of provisions.

1:25: Clinton now railing against “assault weapons,” which she says have no place on our streets. She is pushing all of the same gun control policies that Democrats have tried to ram through after every tragedy. She references Sandy Hook and says “we have to make it harder” for people to not have “weapons of war.” Clinton says people “shouldn’t be able to exploit loopholes and evade criminal background checks by buying online or at a gun show.”

1:17: Clinton speaks about the need to confront “radical Jihadism.” She says we “cannot contain this” and “we must defeat it.” Clinton speaks about the “virus” that poisoned the terrorist’s mind without mentioning “radical Islam.” Clinton says we have to stem the flow of jihadists from Europe and America to Syria and Iraq and back again.

1:15: Protesters at Clinton’s event:

1:12: Hillary Clinton says “today is not a day for politics.” She says we have to learn more about the terrorists’s motives. She describes many of the victims and says they “all had a lot more to give.” Clinton says this is a moment when “All Americans need to stand together.”

1:00: In Cleveland, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) claims Clinton has the “resolve” and the “strength” to fight for America. He also mentions that Clinton has the sense to promote more gun control.

12:55: Trump broadening the tent:

12:30: Subdued scene at Clinton’s Cleveland event:

12:20: Leave it up to establishment Republican radio host Hugh Hewitt to think about Rubio potentially running for reelection the day after the Orlando terror attack: