Donald Trump: ‘LGBT is Starting to Like Donald Trump’

Washington, DC

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump said he’s going to protect the Second Amendment following President Obama’s speech addressing gun control from Orlando, Florida on Thursday following the terrorist attack last weekend at a gay nightclub where at least 49 people were shot to death.

“I just watched President Obama,” Trump told an audience of roughly 4,500 supporters at his campaign rally in Dallas, Texas on Thursday night. The crowd started booing when Trump mentioned Obama. “To a large extent, he’s blaming guns and I’m going to save your Second Amendment, folks.”

“And Hillary wants to abolish the Second Amendment, remember that,” the billionaire added. “LGBT is starting to like Donald Trump very, very much lately.”

He also said he is looking forward to debating presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton ahead of the general election in November. “I am so looking forward to it,” he said. Trump also commented on how he launched his presidential campaign one year ago, “Hopefully, we’re going to make it a worth while year.”

“The trade numbers — our deficit — is the worse” in has been in eight years, Trump told his supporters.

Earlier in the day, Trump released a press release criticizing Clinton on the trade numbers after she was endorsed by the union leaders at AFL-CIO.

“Hillary Clinton has supported virtually every trade agreement that has cost this country millions of jobs and is on the exact opposite side from rank-and-file union workers whose jobs she has destroyed,” Trump stated in the release.

Clinton has helped negotiate the TPP and is it’s biggest booster – there is no doubt she would enact it if given the chance – yet more betrayal of union voters whose jobs would vanish as a result of this deal. When Clinton was Secretary of State, she exploded the trade deficit with China, plunging millions more American workers into poverty. Crooked Hillary epitomizes the Wall Street agenda of globalization and outsourcing.

Roughly 18,000 people requested an RSVP for Trump’s campaign rally, which was held at the South Side Ballroom at Gilley’s Dallas. However, the capacity was only 4,500, so several thousand were not able to get into the rally. An estimated 300 protesters gathered outside the event.