Ted Cruz: Brits No Longer Outsourcing Their Future to EU Gov’t

Screenshot / CNN
Capitol Hill

The junior senator from Texas urged President Barack Obama to respect the United Kingdom’s decision to exit the European Union.

“The British people have spoken clearly: They choose to leave the European Union,” said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

“The results of the ‘Brexit’ referendum should serve as a wake-up call for internationalist bureaucrats from Brussels to Washington, D.C. that some free nations still wish to preserve their national sovereignty,” said the senator. “The British people have indicated that they will no longer outsource their future to the EU, and prefer to chart their own path forward.”

Cruz finished the race for the Republican presidential nomination with 559 delegates, second only to Donald J. Trump’s 1,542 delegates.

Cruz said the Brexit campaign and referendum results have lessons for Americans. “The United States can learn from the referendum and attend to the issues of security, immigration and economic autonomy that drove this historic vote,” he said.

“We should treat the ‘Brexit’ as an opportunity to forge a closer partnership with our historic friend and ally, including immediately starting negotiations for a targeted US-UK free trade agreement,” he said.