Donald Trump Leads Romney, McCain with Minority Voters

Trump Cincinnati APPaul Vernon
AP/Paul Vernon
Washington, DC

Despite criticism of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s support with minorities, a Breitbart News analysis suggests Trump actually has more support from Hispanics and African Americans than both the two previous Republican nominees had in 2008 and 2012.

Last month’s Pew Research survey found that seven percent of African American voters support Trump, which is two percent more than in the 2012 election. In the 2008 general election, only one percent of African Americans voted for GOP nominee Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and in 2012, only five percent of African Americans voted for GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

Trump carries 24 percent of Hispanic voters compared to Romney’s 21 percent with Hispanics in 2012 and McCain’s 23 percent with Hispanic voters in 2008.

“Both African Americans and Hispanic voters tend to be more conservative socially — so going into those communities and pointing out his stance on protecting life and religious liberty would be a good place to start,” Hogan Gidley, former communications director for Gov. Mike Huckabee, suggested.

“Under president Obama, African Americans have seen their incomes decrease by about 10 percent. In fact, only the top 10 percent of wage earners saw massive raises under President Obama – the rest of us saw pay cuts,” Gidley added. “It’s important that Republicans show all voters that Hillary Clinton – by her own admission – wants to continue the very same Obama policies that have cut your pay, taken food off your table, clothes off your back and hurt your families.”