2016 Poll: Donald Trump Pulls Even with Hillary Clinton

Brendan Smialowski/AFP, Justin Sullivan/Getty

The latest CBS/New York Times presidential poll shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tied with 40 percent support — and tied in a three-way race including Libertarian Gary Johnson at 36 percent support.

From CBS News:

Heading into the two parties’ conventions, the race for President is a dead heat, a change from last month when Hillary Clinton led by six points. Forty percent of registered voters now say they will back Clinton (a dip of three points), while 40 percent will vote for Trump (a bump up of three points). A month ago, Clinton led Trump 43 to 37 percent.

Sixty-seven percent of voters now say Clinton is not honest and trustworthy, up from 62 percent last month and the highest percentage this election cycle. Only 28 percent view her as honest. Clinton’s ratings on honesty were more positive soon after she announced her presidential bid in April of last year. Also, fewer now say she is prepared for the job of president than did so last month – although half still say she is.

Although Clinton receives lower marks on these attributes compared to last month, views of Trump have not improved on these measures and remain mostly negative. Sixty-two percent of voters don’t think he’s honest (compared to Clinton’s 67 percent), and two-thirds continue to say Trump is not prepared for the job of president, compared to 48 percent who say that about Clinton.

On the email matter specifically, most voters think Clinton did something wrong when she set up a personal email address and server for work while she was Secretary of State, including 46 percent who think what she did was illegal, up slightly from 41 percent last month.

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