CNN’s Tapper: RNC Night Two Attempted ‘Disembowelment’ of Hillary

Tuesday on CNN’s coverage of the Republican National Convention’s second night from Cleveland, host Jake Tapper described the night as “a real disembowelment of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

Tapper said, “A very carefully written point-by-point dissection of the claims that Clinton has made over the last year or so that have proven to not withstand the FBI investigation. This whole night so far, generally speaking, has been a real disembowelment of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at least an attempt to do so. You had the attorney general of Arkansas talking about how Clinton has poor judgment policies and decisions and you will have that very sober discussion by Attorney General Mukasey of his view of everything she did wrong in the e-mail controversy.”

He added, “I think General Mukasey has a great reputation, and he has a very — he’s very sober and he has a lot of gravitas. I think, somebody like him, I don’t know that it necessarily changes the election, but I think his presentation was a fair — was a fairly credible one and he’s a respectful guy. I haven’t had a chance to fact check every point he has made, but certainly a lot of them.”

“Let me say one other thing — something a lot of viewers did not see because probably very few networks if any were covering it, was the chair, the co-chair of the Republican National Committee, Sharon Day, said that Hillary Clinton in her speech, which a lot of people didn’t hear, said in her speech that Hillary Clinton as first lady went after the character of, this is a quote, ‘victims of her husband’s’ sexual abuse, victims of Bill Clinton. I have never heard, certainly that’s something that Republicans say generally speaking, it’s not the kind of thing you hear the co-chair of the Republican committee say at a national convention. It is a very strong charge. We would have to do like an hour special just to go into every specific claim and counter-claim, but boy, that really gives you an idea of where this election is headed.”

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