Donald Trump: ‘We’re Going to Bring Honesty back to Government’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (L) and Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence are introduced at the 117th National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States at the Charlotte Convention Center on July 26, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina. One day after Democrat presidential candidate Hillary …
Sara D. Davis/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Republican nominee Donald Trump enjoyed a warmer welcome from the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) in Charlotte, North Carolina than his rival Hillary Clinton received on Monday.

The New York Republican told the crowd that spending time with veterans has been the “greatest honor of this campaign.”

“Our veterans are the bravest and the finest people on earth,” Trump said, as he pledged to work with the VFW if elected president. “Our most basic commitment to provide health and medical care [to veterans] has been violated completely.”

“The other candidate in this race, crooked Hillary Clinton, […] has a much different view,” Trump jabbed. “She recently said of the VA scandal that it isn’t as wide spread as it was reported to be.”

Some people in the audience chanted “lock her up” in reference to Clinton.

“We’re going to bring honesty back to government,” Trump declared. He also spoke about his ten-step plan for veterans reform — a plan that he has discussed previously on the campaign trail.

“This will take the place of Twitter,” Trump joked of being busy at night cleaning up the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) instead of being on Twitter.

Trump received a huge applause from the audience when he said the Syrian refugee program should be suspended to keep ISIS fighters out of infiltrating the refugee program.

“We have to be smart,” he stressed. “It’s time to believe in each other and it’s time again to believe in America.”