General Election Debate Criteria Released

debate stage AP
Washington, DC

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) released the polling and debate criteria that will be used to determine which presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates make the debate stage ahead of the general election on Nov. 8.

The polls that will be considered are:

  • ABC-Washington Post
  • CBS-New York Times
  • CNN-Opinion Research Corporation
  • Fox News
  • NBC-Wall Street Journal

The editor in chief of Gallup, Dr. Frank Newport, provided professional guidance on which polls should be chosen. The polls were ultimately selected based on sample size and frequency as well as the reputation of the polling companies, according to the CPD.

The CPD will consider a candidate’s constitutional eligibility, ballot access, and electoral support as part of the criteria to make the debate stage.

“If a candidate is invited to the first presidential debate, that person’s vice presidential running mate will be invited to the vice presidential debate,” notes the CPD.

The first general election debate is scheduled for Sept. 26 in New York.