Colin Powell in Hacked Email: We Need a Revolution Starting with GOP Crashing and Burning

Colin Powell

NEW YORK — Colin Powell has never been known to walk in lockstep with the Republican Party. However, one email called for a political “revolution,” which, he contended, “will begin with the GOP crashing and burning up its current form.”

The correspondence was contained in an email from Powell’s Gmail account, which was hacked by DCLeaks and accessed by Breitbart News via a password provided to this reporter by the hacking group.

Powell’s June 11, 2016 email, written to a British diplomat and friend, stated:

We all need to start voting for America and not our parties.  Trump is taking on water. He doesn’t have a GOP philosophy or even a Conservative philosophy.  We need a revolution and it will begin with the GOP crashing and burning up its current form.

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With research by Joshua Klein.