‘Four More Years!’ Democrats Swoon for Michelle Obama During Hillary Clinton Rally

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Vine / Charlie Spiering

First Lady Michelle Obama came to campaign for Hillary Clinton, but she couldn’t escape the surge of nostalgia for her and her family in the White House.

The crowd cheered wildly when the first lady took the stage and groaned when she announced that her family was preparing to leave the White House.

“Four more years!! Four more years!! Four more years!!” the crowd shouted as Obama grinned and tried to quiet them.

“Noooo. Noooo,” she grinned.

She discussed the transitions that the family was experiencing as they prepared to move.

“My husband’s going to need a new job,” she laughed. “I’m going to have to find a job. We’re going to be moving to a new home so we’ll have to pack. We’ve got to get the old house cleaned up so we can get our security deposit back.”

Michelle Obama asserted that Clinton was the candidate that she wanted to see replace her husband, urging them to volunteer for the campaign.

She celebrated the United States, calling it a “beacon” for the world that gave her so much hope.