EXCLUSIVE–Defeat Crooked Hillary PAC Launches ‘Do Nothing’ Ad Attacking Clinton’s Foreign Policy Record

Nothin Ad
Washington, DC

Defeat Crooked Hillary PAC, which focuses on opposing Hillary Clinton for president, is releasing a new ad titled, “Do Nothing,” which attacks Clinton’s foreign policy record.

The ad, which begins airing on Tuesday, will run in key swing states and target voters on Facebook, YouTube, as well as Google.

Defeat Crooked Hillary PAC communications director Hogan Gidley commented on the “Do Nothing” ad, and referenced the recent terrorist attacks in Minnesota, New York City, and New Jersey.

“Once again, we just witnessed multiple horrific ISIS terrorist attacks right here in America,” Gidley stated. “ISIS promises even more death and destruction, but Hillary won’t even acknowledge radical Islamic terrorism is to blame.”

He continued:

For decades, Hillary Clinton has shown a disturbing history of ignoring serious threats to America and doing absolutely nothing to fight back against our enemies. And whether Americans are under attack and action is immediately required, or whether we have been attacked and retaliation is necessary, Hillary Clinton consistently refuses to lift a finger.

“Americans deserve a strong Commander in Chief who will never apologize for America and always do whatever is necessary to protect this country and our families,” Gidley concluded.