Poll: 83 Percent of Financial Advisors Prefer Trump over Clinton

Businessman Trump AP
Washington, DC

A Woodbridge Wealth survey questioning financial advisors found that 83 percent believe Donald Trump would foster long-term growth and build a stable economy, while only six percent said Hillary Clinton would be a better choice.

“Regardless of the election’s outcome, financial advisors who responded to our survey made themselves abundantly clear as to who they believe is best-suited to set the country on a path to economic vitality,” stated President and CEO of Woodbridge Group of Companies Bob Shapiro in a press release. “Throughout the survey, we see the same economic themes repeated over and over again: job one for the new Administration has to be economic fixes.”

The survey found that financial advisors want the candidates to discuss the Fiduciary Rule, Dodd-Frank, and Social Security.

Seventy-eight percent of the respondents said that changing corporate tax rates would have a positive impact on the economy.

Results also suggest they want the new president to create jobs, curb inflation, and address national security issues as well as immigration.