FBI Revelations Ruin Hillary Clinton’s Big Day in Iowa

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The FBI’s decision  Friday to further probe emails related to its previous investigation of Hillary Clinton sent shockwaves through the Democratic candidate’s campaign on what was supposed to be a triumphant day for the candidate campaigning in Iowa.

Clinton landed in Iowa late Friday morning as the letter from FBI Director James Comey to Congressional leaders was made public. According to the Associated Press, Clinton remained on her campaign plane for around 25 minutes before disembarking, after which famed photographer Annie Leibovitz could be seen exiting the aircraft behind her.

The AP reports that Leibovitz was conducting a photo shoot with the candidate “for at least part of the time” that reporters were waiting for Clinton to deplane.

Politico reporter Gabriel Debenedetti wrote on social media Friday afternoon that staffers and reporters first received the news of the FBI letter as Clinton’s campaign plane began descending into cell phone range closer to Iowa. The plane’s Wi-Fi had reportedly been disabled on the flight.

Clinton was scheduled to campaign in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Friday afternoon with a speech geared toward women. Clinton’s childhood friend Betsy Ebeling reportedly accompanied the candidate on the flight to Iowa, and Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards and Emily’s List president Stephanie Schriock were scheduled to appear at the rally.

Clinton did not mention the latest FBI probe in her speech Friday in Iowa, according to the Associated Press. The candidate warned supporters of the importance of voting and of not becoming complacent, calling Trump’s “scorched earth” campaign strategy “the last refuge of a bankrupt candidate.”


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