Rachel Maddow to Jay Inslee on Climate Change: ‘Does Your Plan Save Miami?’

MSNBC host and Democrat presidential debate moderator Rachel Maddow pressed Washington Gov. Jay Inslee about his putting climate change as his top priority if he is elected president.

“Here in Miami, which is already experiencing serious flooding on sunny days, as a result of sea level rise,” Maddow said. “Parts of Miami Beach and the Keys could be underwater in our lifetimes.”

“Does your plan save Miami?” Maddow asked Inslee.

“Yes, first by taking away the filibuster from Mitch McConnell to start with — we have to do that,” Inslee said.

“Look, we are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, and we are the last that can do something about it,” Inslee said. “Our towns are burning.” 

“Our fields are flooding,” Inslee said. “Miami is inundated.”

“And we have to understand,” Inslee said, “this is a climate crisis. An emergency.” Inslee continued, “And it is our last chance — the administration, the next one, to do something about it.”

Inslee said his state’s “vision statement” on fighting climate change has been called the “gold standard of putting people to work.”

He said the biggest decision Americans have to make when picking a Democrat candidate is “who is going to make this the first priority.”

“This has to be the top priority of the United States.” Inslee said it is “the organizing principle to mobilize the United States.”

The first Democrat candidate debate was held in Miami.

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