Donald Trump: ‘Fake News’ Will Blame Me for Matt Bevin Loss in Kentucky

Kentucky Republican candidate for Governor, Gov. Matt Bevin, addresses the audience gathered at the Fancy Farm Picnic in Fancy Farm, Ky., Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)
AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley

President Donald Trump defied the narrative blaming him for Gov. Matt Bevin’s loss in Kentucky in Tuesday’s election.

“Won five out of six elections in Kentucky, including five great candidates that I spoke for and introduced last night,” Trump wrote on Twitter late Tuesday night. “Matt Bevin picked up at least 15 points in last days, but perhaps not enough (Fake News will blame Trump!).”

Democrat candidate declared victory with 49.2 percent of the vote, Bevin refused to concede with 48.8 percent of the vote, with a margin of about 5,000 votes.

Trump campaigned for Bevin and other Kentucky candidates on Monday in an effort to rally Republicans in the state.

The president said during the rally that Bevin could be a “pain in the ass” but that he was good for the state.

“Isn’t that really what you want in a governor?” he asked. “He’s such a pain in the ass, but that’s what you want!”

December polling showed Bevin behind the Democrat candidate by eight, but he fought back and tied the polls in October, giving Republicans hope that he could pull off a win.

Republican candidate Daniel Cameron won his election as the first black Attorney General elected in Kentucky.

Cameron delivered a brief speech at Trump’s rally, calling Kentucky “Trump country” and promising to defend the unborn, protect the Second Amendment and stop Kentucky from being a sanctuary state.

“A star is born!” Trump said proudly after Cameron finished speaking.

Trump also signaled the Kentucky Republicans were energized, predicting a win for Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2020.

“Based on the Kentucky results, Mitch McConnell will win BIG in Kentucky next year!” he wrote on Twitter.



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