***Live Updates*** Florida, Illinois, Arizona Election Results

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Florida, Illinois, and Arizona will hold primary elections tonight as former Vice President Joe Biden tries to solidify his delegate lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Ohio postponed its primary after Health Director Dr. Amy Action ordered the state’s polls due to a health emergency after a court denied Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s request to postpone its primary until June 2.

Most polls in Florida (219 delegates) will close at 7 PM ET with the rest closing at 8 PM ET. Polls in Illinois (155) close at 8 PM ET. Polls in Arizona (67) close at 10 PM ET.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

12:50 AM:

12:45 AM: Latinos Democrats of Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Mexican descent:

Florida: Not only did Biden win Latinos in Florida overall, he got 66% of Puerto Ricans and 57% of Cubans.

11:30 PM:



11:05 PM: NBC projects Biden will win Arizona.

11:00 PM: Arizona: Results will start to come in in Arizona as they usually do an hour after polls close.

10:05 PM: Illinois:

10:00 PM: Polls closed in Arizona:

9:55 PM: Axelrod puts primary in the refrigerator for Biden:

9:50 PM:

9:38 PM: Biden says he is speaking from Delaware because of the CDC’s new guidelines. He asks people to “keep your social distance” to slow the spread of the virus. Biden thanks doctors, EMTs, nurses, frontline workers, workers who are helping keep the shelves stock. He says this is a moment when we need our leaders to lead and the choices we make as individuals will collectively impact what happens. Biden also thanks the poll workers who cleaned and disinfected voting booths and made sure voters could cast their ballots. Biden says he and Sanders may disagree on tactics but they share a common vision on health care and income inequality in addition to climate change. He says Sanders’ supporters have shifted the conversation and brought enthusiasm. He says he hears them and his goal is to unify the party and then the nation. Biden making a point to emphasize and repeatedly thanking and appreciating healthcare workers on the front lines and those working at busy grocery stores.

9:20 PM:

9:15 PM: Granholm calling for Dems to unite if Biden gets “landslide” win in Arizona:

9:10 PM: Voters will decide if they think politicians running this fall are the former or latter.

9:00 PM:

8:50 PM: Kansas:

8:45 PM: Sanders not winning self-identified Democrats.

8:30 PM: Formality:

8:25 PM: Illinois being called for Biden:

8:20 PM:

8:10 PM:

8:00 PM: All polls closed in Florida. State immediately called for Biden.

7:45 PM:

7:35 PM: Sanders for $2,000 cash payments. Sanders says utility services must also be restored to customers who have had water/electricity shut off. He calls for more funding for rental assistance and waiving of all student loan payments for the duration of the coronavirus crisis. He says the crisis should be another moneymaking opportunity for corporate American and Wall Street. He says the coronavirus vaccine must be free and says stock buybacks and bonus for executives should be banned during the coronavirus crisis.

7:30 PM: Math not looking good for Sanders:

7:20 PM: Biden’s remarks scheduled for 9 PM. Can he deliver remarks without rambling, having trouble reading the prompter, and yelling into the microphone?

7:10 PM: Biden up big in Florida:

7:00 PM: Most polls in Florida closed.

6:50 PM: Biden trusted to handle crisis:

Something to think about as Florida’s results come in:

Sanders Camp vs. Biden Camp:



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