WATCH: President Trump Honors 100-Year-Old and 105-Year-Old Veterans at Florida Rally


President Trump acknowledged two veterans, one 100-years-old and another 105-years-old, at his rally Friday in Ocala, Florida.

“One-hundred-year-old veteran right here,” Trump said, pointing to a man in the front row as the crowd erupted in cheers and turned to face him.

“Wow, he looks beautiful,” the president continued, adding, “One hundred, huh? Looks better than I do!”

The audience then began chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

“Well, I want to thank you very much and he does not need Regeneron, okay? That I can tell you. He looks… you look fantastic, so sit down and enjoy it, okay?” Trump told the man.

The president was treated with the experimental drug Regeneron during his recent illness with the coronavirus.

Moments later, someone else in the crowd got the president’s attention and said a 105-year-old veteran was also in attendance.

“One hundred and five? That’s beautiful,” he said as the veteran stood and people cheered.

“Wow, one hundred and five. So he went through what? How many? Two? How many wars? Two wars? Well, he looks good, I’ll tell you. That’s great, congratulations. You look beautiful. He’s got a better head of hair than I do,” he told the audience.

“I like your hair better than mine. Look at that guy, 105 and he’s got better hair than the president. Enjoy it, thank you very much for being here, we appreciate it. One hundred and five. Beautiful, thank you very much,” Trump said.


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