***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Nevada Rally

Supporters cheer as US President Donald Trump arrives to deliver remarks at a Keep America Great rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, on February 21, 2020. (Photo by JIM WATSON / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump will hold a Sunday rally in Carson City, Nevada.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates.

All times Eastern.

8:50 PM: Trump concludes his Nevada rally before heading to the must-win state of Arizona for two more rallies on Monday.

8:40 PM: Trump says Biden and Harris want “socialized medicine” where people will wait at hospitals for three weeks. He says Biden-Harris will “shut down American energy” and obliterate jobs with the Green New Deal.

8:38 PM: Trump says Iran’s economy is tanking and his first call after winning re-election will be from Iran because they will want to make a deal.

Trump listing off his Middle East accomplishments, saying he has done more in four years than Biden has in 47 years.

8:37 PM: Trump now giving Armenians a shout out and says they are great businesspeople with “great spirit.” (No mention of the great late Jerry “Tark The Shark” Tarkanian in Nevada)

8:29 PM: Trump says people are wondering “what the hell is going on with Trump and the Hispanic community.” He says he is beating the Democrats, who have been “all talk and no action.”

“I like Hispanics,” Trump says. “I like Hispanic-Americans.”

Trump says Biden continues to attack Border Patrol agents who deserver our admiration and respect. Trump notes nearly half are of Hispanic heritage.

Trump says he has know that Hispanic-Americans are great businesspeople and says Biden will crush everything that Hispanic-Americans have worked for with lockdowns and tax hikes. Trump predicts he’ll get a record number of Hispanic votes in November.

8:20 PM: Trump talks about rioters in Reno and a cop who was shot in the head in Vegas and says Biden will appease rioters and looters while Trump wants to put them in jail. He says Biden wants mass amnesty and free health care for illegal aliens. He says he will annihilate Nevada’s economy with “draconian, unscientific lockdowns.” He now says Michigan has a surge after Whitmer ran the state like a prison warden.

Trump also warns Biden will cancel Christmas is he wins.

8:13 PM: Trump says Biden will raise taxes and spend it on the Green New Deal and attack religious liberty and drive God from the public square while destroying the suburbs.

He says “women from the suburbs” are looking for safety and don’t want low-income housing built next to their house.

Trump says minorities make up 30 percent of suburbs and they are thanking him.

8:10 PM: Trump ripping Biden for being dishonorable for airing ads featuring made-up stories about Trump and the military.

Trump reveals he saw the ads that accused him of calling soldiers losers while watching a football game. He says he told his aides this was very serious because if a military people saw the ad they would never vote for Trump. He quickly catches himself and says he doesn’t really watch football.

Trump says he loves people who honor our anthem, our flag, and our country.

8:06 PM: Trump says Biden was very “agitated” recently even though he only had a couple of cars in the audience. Trump says he wants the media to show his crowds and the Biden campaign doesn’t want the media to show his crowds. He says the best part of Biden’s campaign is the person drawing the social-distance circles.

He says they are thick and very far apart so Biden can say his rallies were “sold out.”

Trump says people think of Joe Biden as a “nice man” but he was never a nice man and is not a smart man. Trump says Biden is also not a good man and is a “corrupt man.”

8:05 PM: Trump asks voters to send a message the “hypocrites” in the Washington Swamp, the fake news media, and Silicon Valley that they will never forget and show them that the American people are still in charge by delivering Sleepy Joe Biden a resounding defeat.

8:02 PM: Trump says Joe is far more corrupt than Hunter because he is “getting a piece of everything.” Trump says everybody is looking for Hunter and all we’re hearing is “you can’t talk about this kind of thing.” Trump says imagine if that was Donald Trump Jr.’s laptop…

7:52 PM: Trump says he doesn’t know why he wouldn’t win California.

He says California has everything against it–high crime, homelessness, endless forest fires, brown outs and black outs, rationing water…

Trump says Californians are leaving for Texas and Florida.

Trump says he always tells Nancy Pelosi to come home and take care of the homelessness.

7:51 PM: Trump says Biden is the “most boring human being” he has ever seen and predicts news outlets will all go out of business if Biden wins. He says they want Biden to win so they can take over the country.

“Depression. Just remember the word,” Trump says.

7:48 PM: Trump talking about Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.” “Let’s see what happens with it,” Trump says.

Trump says Hunter is a “vacuum cleaner” who follows his father around and takes hundreds of millions and billions from countries. Trump says Biden lied when he said he knew nothing. He says the fake news and Big Tech don’t want to write about it and punish those who do.

7:45 PM: Trump says Biden couldn’t remember Mitt Romney’s name and says Biden “is gonzo.”

Trump asks: “Could you imagine having Kamala? The most liberal member of Congress.”

Trump says Pelosi is talking about the 25th Amendment because they “want to get him the hell out” for Kamala.

7:42 PM: Trump again calls the Biden family a “criminal enterprise.” He calls out Democrats, the fake news media, and Big Tech for conspiring against him. He says Republicans need to learn how to stick together because Republicans have some “stupid people” like “little Ben Sasse,” whom Trump endorsed this election cycle.

7:40 PM: Trump claims he would be the single-greatest fundraiser in history if he wanted to…

7:37 PM: Trump says companies will leave after Biden raises taxes. He asks voters to vote for jobs, safety, lower taxes, safety, and a strong Second Amendment. Trump hammering Biden for being in the political class that for the last 47 years shipped away jobs and ravaged cities while sacrificing American blood and treasure in ridiculous foreign wars.

He calls Biden a servant of the globalists and special interests who got rich while putting America last.

7:35 PM: Trump slams the fake news for not holding Biden accountable for being all over the place on fracking. He also says Democrats “traditionally do not like our military” before saying Biden will surrender our jobs to China and the future to the virus.

Trump accuses Democrats of keeping states closed to try to hurt him on November 3.

7:28 PM: Trump says the great thing about president is you have so many doctors. He says every doctor around him was grabbing a different part of his body. He talks about recovering from the Coronavirus after being given antibodies and feeling like Superman the next day.

Trump also says he’s leading in Nevada. He says we will fully resume the Nevada tourism and hospitality industries and next year will be the best economic year in the nation’s  history unless someone like Sleepy Joe puts in more regulations.

7:23 PM: Trump asks his voters to vote because early voting has started. He says Democrats are getting worried because they are going to have a “red wave” in “certain areas.” Trump says his crowd “came out like crazy” even with just “two-days notice.”

Trump says “strange things are happening in North Carolina” and people are wearing red caps and beautiful shirts.

He is now talking about auto plants being built in Michigan. He says he is leading in the early vote in Republican and adds that that has never happened for a Republican before.

7:20 PM: Trump has arrived in Carson City, and the rally is about to get started.

Trump talks about all the people greeting him on the road to Carson City. Trump says it was never like that for the last administration.

6:55 PM: Excited supporters await Trump in Carson City.


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