***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Florida Rally

ERIE, PA - OCTOBER 20: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a campaign rally at North Coast Air aeronautical services at Erie International Airport on October 20, 2020 in Erie, Pennsylvania. Trump is holding the rally two days ahead of the final presidential debate. (Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty …
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President Donald Trump will hold a Friday evening rally in Pensacola, Florida.

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9:19 PM: Trump wraps up his Pensacola rally. He has nine rallies planned in the next four days.

9:15 PM: Trump says we don’t need anyone apologizing for America. He says he has gone into battle for American each day and it hasn’t been pleasant. He says he does it because he loves this country. Trump says he is relying on his supporters to get out the vote on Election Day.

9:11 PM: Trump says everyone from Russia and China are “envious” of America’s military and nuclear arsenal, which Trump says he hopes we never have to use.

Trump says “let’s stay out of the wars” but build up the military stronger than ever to have “peace through strength.”


9:07 PM: Trump says suburban women should love him because he’s the best thing that has happened to them. He warns radical leftists want to hit the suburbs next.

“With me, they’re not hitting suburbia,” Trump says.

9:05 PM: Trump says Obama told him North Korea was the biggest problem.

Trump asks: “Where’s the war?”

Trump says Biden is the candidate of endless wars and needless death

9:04 PM: Trump talking about making Middle East peace deals without “blood in the sand.”

“It turns out I’m the candidate of peace,” Trump says.

9:01 PM: Trump talking about legendary Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden for beating Coronavirus to vote for Trump.

8:58 PM: Trump says Biden bragged last night that his immigration policy will be catch and release. Trump points out he has an argument on the issue and he was right. Trump says Biden didn’t have a clue about catch and release and believing illegal immigrants come back to court. Trump points out he said only low-I.Q. illegal immigrants come back to court.

Trump says if Biden and Harris are elected, it will “trigger a tsunami” of illegal immigrants who want to take advantage of the country.

Trump says Biden pledged “mass amnesty in the first 100 days” to serve his donors.

“He wants to give priority to illegal aliens. My priority is to American workers and to America’s great citizens,” Trump says. “The American people will decide this election.”

Trump says this is a more important election than 2016.

8:56 PM: Trump talks about getting offshore drilling off the coast of Florida and the safest Southern border we’ve ever had. He insists Mexico is paying for the wall.

8:51 PM: Trump warns Pelosi will give stimulus checks to illegal immigrants and says he is working to make the antibody treatment he received available to anyone for free because the Coronavirus is “not your fault.”

Trump says we just want to be where we were seven months ago.

8:47 PM: Trump says one of his greatest issues is taking care of veterans. He says they were mistreated and abused under Obama-Biden. He says they were on waitlists forever and more than 300,000 veterans died under the last administration waiting for care.

8:45 PM: Trump now playing a video of Bernie Sanders ripping Biden in a debate for being on the floor of the Senate time and time again talking about the need to cut Social Security, Medicaid, and programs for veterans.

“Thank you, Bernie,” Trump says. “I appreciate it.”

8:40 PM: Trump warns China will “own America” if Biden wins before going off on “watermelon head” Schiff for blaming the laptop on Russia.

“Nah, it’s not Russia,” Trump says of the “laptop from hell.”

Trump says there is more stuff in the laptop and they are saying “you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Trump says he ran for office because of this corruption. He says he watched one betrayal after another from the people in the permanent political class like Biden before deciding to run.

He continues to hammer Hunter Biden’s corruption, saying the young man in the front row knows more about energy than Biden’s son.

Crowd chants “lock him up” after Trump says this is corruption like nobody has ever seen.

Trump says he couldn’t sit back and watch America get screwed with trade deals.

Trump says nobody has been treated worse than he has. He cites the fake impeachment “based on a perfect phone call” and a “phony statement made by some people.”

8:35 PM: Trump now mocking “cryin’ Chuck Schumer.” He reveals he probably gave him one of his firs contributions. He says the first thing Pelosi, Biden, and Schumer will do will be “pack” the Supreme Court with radical-left judges who will eliminate the Second Amendment. Trump says you can have up to 21 judges. Trump says Biden should give a list of who he will nominate. Trump says it has to be a “sane list” and not a crazy radical left. Trump says you can’t vote for him unless Biden releases his list.

8:30 PM: Trump predicts a “great red wave” that will come at the end. Trump says he is doing “so much better” than he did four years ago.

“The votes are coming in and we’re way ahead of where we’re supposed to be,” Trump says.

Trump says people are talking about the record turnout in Texas and how it will be the end of Trump. But Trump says the people turning out are his people.

8:27 PM: Trump warns flag-burning rioters will run the government if Biden is elected and they will decide which businesses can open and decide which rights will be revoked while “re-educationg your children” and canceling your culture. Trump says it was “racist” what they tried to do.

Trump warns they will force you to stay home while letting rioters and MS-13 gangsters roam the streets.

“Reject left-wing fascism and vote for American freedom,” Trump says, urging people to vote for “America First.”

8:25 PM: Trump playing a video of Biden flip-flopping on fracking like he has done during the last two rallies.

8:21 PM: Trump predicts that on November 4 everyone will open up because they are locking down states to “deflate the numbers.” Trump says the GDP numbers are going to be so good that it won’t matter. Trump says the country will come back stronger because of the strong foundation that was set during the last three years.

Trump ways Biden will increase regulations, dissolve borders, and confiscate guns. He warns Biden will also take away private health care and terminate religious liberty. He says Biden will abolish fracking as well.

8:19 PM: Trump says Sleepy Joe will give you the “biggest tax cut in history.”

8:17 PM: Trump promises record prosperity, epic job growth, and vaccine. He says we want normal life to fully resume. Trump says China bought large amounts of soy and corn because they know we are not happy with them.

“Next year is going to be more successful than last year,” Trump says.

8:15 PM: Trump talks about drug prices going down and now he says he is “going for the big one” with “favored nations.” Trump talks about protecting the police and the Second Amendment and defending borders while maintaining energy independence.

He says Biden “made a big mistake.” He asks if Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are watching. Trump thinks Biden lost five or six states with his answer on transitioning from oil. Trump talks about low gasoline prices like a “tax cut.”

8:13 PM: Trump says Biden was as “sharp as a tack” in the debate last night. He says Biden works for Big Tech and Big Media. “They’re his boss,” Trump says.

8:10 PM: Trump about to take the stage to get the rally started. Trump says “there’s something going on out there” and the other side is getting “nervous.” Trump says Democrats are thinking this is worse than four years ago.

7:50 PM: Air Force One landing in Pensacola.


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