GOP Expert Describes Plan to Reveal Ballot Fraud

Matt Braynard

A GOP expert on political demographics is raising funds to help expose likely vote fraud in Wisconsin, Michigan, and other states.

The money will be used to help identify the claimed votes by people who are dead, become inactive, or moved out of state, Matt Braynard told Breitbart News. He has raised $163,000 by Friday morning.

The project will cost $100,000, he said, and the extra funds raised above that total will be used to get affidavits from people whose ballots were cast without their approval.

But, so far, campaign staffers of President Donald Trump have shrugged off his research project, Braynard said late November 5: “I was at the front door of the campaign headquarters tonight, and they refused to let me in despite many people inside the building trying to get me in, or at least let me talk to the data team.”

“They should have done this analysis before the election,” he said. “They definitely should have done this analysis by between now and Election Day … They haven’t even started on it yet. So that’s a big problem.”

“I have designed a Voter Fraud Detection Method using our trusted vendors to cross-reference two lists,” Braynard said in a message to Breitbart. He added:

Voters who have died, have moved away, or who have been marked as “inactive.” Dead voters are determined by matching against the Social Security Death Index. Voters who have moved are determined by the National Change of Address Database. Voters who are inactive are determined by the Board of Elections or similar authority in each state.

Voters who cast early/absentee ballots. States commonly report the voter ID number, name, and address of individuals who have requested absentee ballots as well as those who have returned those ballots or cast an early ballot.

When we cross reference these lists, we can identify potential voter fraud: ballots cast by somebody other than the voter of record. This is most certain in cases when someone is on the Social Security Death Index, but in all cases, it raises the suspicion of illegal ballots being cast.

Our plan is to run this method in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, and Arizona and then publicize the results in the media as well as providing our findings to the respective states law enforcement as well as the FBI. We will make public the entire list of names that we suspect illegal ballots have been cast under.

I have worked in voter data and elections since 1996 when I was in the Political Analysis Department of the Republican National Committee,” Braynard said. “I provided voter data development and targeting support for the presidential campaigns of [Sen. Bob] Dole, [George] W. Bush, [Mitt] Romney, and most recently was the Director of Data and Strategy for President Trump’s campaign in 2016,” he added. 


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