Polls: Donald Trump Expands Lead over Joe Biden Nationally

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Brandon Bell/Getty Images, AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Former President Donald Trump is expanding his lead over President Joe Biden nationally, recent polls indicate.

A Rasmussen Reports poll released Tuesday found Trump leading Biden in a head-to-head matchup by six points, garnering 47 percentage points to Biden’s 41 percentage points. Another nine percent support “some other candidate,” and two percent are unsure. Notably, in that scenario, Trump takes a double-digit lead with independents, boasting a 16-point advantage over the incumbent.

The survey also asked respondents who they would support in a presidential matchup when third-party candidates are included. Again, in this scenario, Trump maintains a lead with 43 percent support to Biden’s 37 percent support nationally. Another 12 percent choose Robert F. Kennedy Jr., five percent support “some other candidate,” and three percent remain unsure. In that setup, Trump still has the advantage among independents, leading Biden by ten points.

That survey, taken February 13-15, 2024, among 868 likely voters, has a ± three percent margin of error:

Another survey, this time from HarrisX, found Trump leading Biden by nine points nationally — 47 percent to Biden’s 38 percent — among all voters. Once again, Trump leads Biden among independents, this time by ten points — 40 percent to Biden’s 30 percent. Another 30 percent remain unsure:

This trend of Trump leading Biden is not only happening nationally, as recent swing state polls also show Trump boasting an advantage over his likely Democrat challenger. A recent Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll, for example, shows Trump leading Biden in seven out of seven swing states, as Breitbart News detailed:

Here’s the rundown head-to-head:

Arizona: Trump 47 / Biden 44 — Trump +3
Georgia: Trump 49 / Biden 41 — Trump +8
Michigan: Trump 47 / Biden 42 — Trump +5
Nevada: Trump 48 / Biden 40 — Trump +8
North Carolina: Trump 49 / Biden 39 — Trump +10
Pennsylvania: Trump 48 / Biden 45 — Trump +3
Wisconsin: Trump 49 / Biden 44 — Trump +5

Here’s the rundown with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the ticket. The other independent and third-party candidates (Cornel West, Jill Stein) only earn a point or two:

Arizona: Trump 43 / Biden 35 / Kennedy 10 — Trump +8
Georgia: Trump 44 / Biden 37 / Kennedy 8 — Trump +7
Michigan: Trump 43 / Biden 37 / Kennedy 8 — Trump +6
Nevada: Trump 43 / Biden 31 / Kennedy 12 — Trump +12
North Carolina: Trump 45 / Biden 32 / Kennedy 9 — Trump +13
Pennsylvania: Trump 43 / Biden 40 / Kennedy 7 — Trump +3
Wisconsin: Trump 43 / Biden 35 / Kennedy 10 — Trump +8

Speaking about the potential matchup in December, Trump told Breitbart News that Biden is “a cheater,” “scoundrel,” and “a bad guy.”

“But in his life, he’s always been able to convince people he’s this really nice guy. I laugh when they say, ‘Trump is the evil one, and he’s the nice one.’ That’s the one thing he’s been able to do. All you have to do is look at his credentials. When you compare him today to 15 or 20 years ago, he’s a different kind of a guy. The guy can’t talk. The guy can’t put two sentences together,” he said.

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“So I do think this: I cannot believe he’s going to be the nominee. I hope he is,” Trump added. “But I can’t believe he’s going to be the nominee.”


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