NYT Poll: 64% of Voters Say Biden’s America Is ‘Headed in the Wrong Direction’

Inflation - President Joe Biden speaks during an event on the economy, from the South Cour
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A strong majority of voters believe President Joe Biden’s America is on the wrong track, as voters look more fondly on former President Donald Trump’s presidency, a New York Times/Siena poll found Saturday.

The pollster asked respondents, “Do you think the United States is on the right track, or is it headed in the wrong direction?” Respondents replied:

  • Right track: 25 percent
  • Wrong direction: 64 percent
  • Don’t know/Refused: 11 percent

The 64 percent figure is a one-point change from the last poll in February when only 24 percent of voters felt Biden’s America was going in the right direction and 65 percent said it was not.

Views on Trump’s presidency are more positive today than when he left office, the poll found, which creates a strong case for his reelection.

The Times reported:

While the memories of Mr. Trump’s tumultuous and chaotic administration have not significantly faded, many voters now have a rosier picture of his handling of the economy, immigration and maintaining law and order. Ahead of the 2020 election, only 39 percent of voters said that the country was better off after Mr. Trump took office. Now, looking back, nearly half say that he improved things during his time as president.

The poll’s findings underscore the way in which a segment of voters have changed their minds about the Trump era, recalling those years as a time of economic prosperity and strong national security. The shift in views about his administration comes even as Mr. Trump faces dozens of felony counts and will appear in a New York courtroom on Monday for jury selection in one of his four criminal trials.

The poll also found that 79 percent of voters view Biden’s economy in a negative light. The poll asked respondents, “Thinking about the nation’s economy, how would you rate economic conditions today?”

Respondents replied:

  • Excellent: 4 percent
  • Good: 17 percent
  • Only fair: 27 percent
  • Poor: 52 percent

In addition, 69 percent of voters said Biden is too old to be an “effective” president:

  • Strongly agree: 48 percent
  • Somewhat agree: 21 percent
  • Somewhat disagree: 14 percent
  • Strongly disagree: 13 percent

The poll sampled 1,059 registered voters from April 7-11 with a 3.7 point margin of error. Forty-three percent of respondents voted for Biden in 2020, while only 36 percent voted for Trump.

Wendell Husebo is a political reporter with Breitbart News and a former GOP War Room Analyst. He is the author of Politics of Slave Morality. Follow Wendell on “X” @WendellHusebø or on Truth Social @WendellHusebo.


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