RFK Jr. on Defense After Pro-Trump Super PAC Launches ‘Radical F***cking Kennedy’ Website

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks to supporters during a cam
AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

The pro-Trump MAGA Inc. super PAC has launched a website branding independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “Radical F***ing Kennedy” and highlighting progressive and leftist positions he has taken on various policy issues.

The website, which plays on the candidate’s “RFK” initials, depicts an image of Kennedy surrounded by phrases such as “Reparations,” “Gun Confiscation,” “70 Percent Income Tax,” and “Green New Deal,” led to an X spat between Kennedy and the PAC on Monday.

“I’m soooo liberal that his emissaries asked me to be his VP. I respectfully declined the offer,” Kennedy Jr claimed once again, though Trump’s campaign has denied this taking place.

“I am against President Trump, and President Biden can’t win. Judging by his new website, it looks like President Trump knows who actually can beat him,” Kennedy, who is polling in a distant third behind Trump and Biden, wrote.

The MAGA Inc. War Room Twitter account responded, “You are an ultra-left radical. Here you are on Rachel Maddow’s show calling Voter ID laws racist.”

In a subsequent emailed press release, the PAC declared, “RFK Jr. got defensive and emotional when exposed for being a leftist radical.”

“Radicalf-ingkennedy.com” zones in on comments the 70-year-old has made regarding taxes, the radical Green New Deal, fracking, gun control, and more.

The website exposed a 2019 tweet from Kennedy, where he shares a Vox article as “research that backs” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) case for a 70 percent top tax rate.

In one January 2020 interview with Andy Serwer on Yahoo News’s influencers, Serwer asked Kennedy, “What about AOC’s New Green Deal? What do you think about that?”

“I think the Green New Deal is — all of that stuff is important. It’s good; we ought to be pursuing it,” Kennedy said. He then drew a distinction that his “approach is more market-based than kind of top-down dictates.”

“I believe that we should use market mechanisms like carbon taxes and the elimination of subsidies, and I think that — those are things that would transition our economy fastest from a coal-based economy,” he added.

Another tweet MAGA Inc. archived and linked to the website shows Kennedy Jr., in his final full month as a candidate in the Democrat primary in September before declaring an independent run, saying he would “ban fracking, which provides the feedstock for most of the plastics produced in the U.S.”

Under “Gun Confiscation,” the website links to an article from Breitbart News Second Amendment Columnist AWR Hawkins detailing Kennedy’s comments about signing an assault rifle ban in June 2023 during a News Nation town hall.

“If we can get a consensus on it, if Republicans and Democrats agreed and it passed Congress, I would sign it,” Kennedy said when asked about an “assault weapons” ban.


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