Victim Pulls Own Gun After Being Shot, Shoots Assailant in the Face

Tony Webster/Flickr
Tony Webster/Flickr

On Wednesday, a man allegedly targeted for armed robbery and shot by one of the assailants was able to pull his own gun and return fire, striking the assailant in the face.

The incident occurred in Benton Harbor, Michigan, around 4 pm.

According to WNDU, police say two men — at least one of whom was armed — demanded money from the victim, but he “refused.” At that point, one of the suspects shot the victim. Michigan State Police detective Jason Bailey said, “The victim was struck with one bullet. The caliber size, we don’t know; it entered his cheek and is still within him.”

The victim then managed to draw his own gun and shift momentum in the attack. Bailey said, “In the process of being robbed, the victim had withdrawn his own weapon and fired, in return striking one subject in the face area.” The other suspect fled but was soon captured. He “confessed to the attempted robbery, and is being held in Berrien County Jail.”

Bailey said it is not often that “a victim of an armed robbery produces his own weapon and is able to fire back.”

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