WATCH: Woman Uses Thong for Mask at South African Supermarket

A woman appeared to use her thong as a mask while standing in line recently at a Pick n Pay supermarket in South Africa, as seen in this Facebook image from Sabrina Chiloane.
Facebook/Sabrina Chiloane

A woman appeared to use her thong as a mask while standing in line recently at a Pick n Pay supermarket in South Africa.

In the viral video, a security guard wearing a mask asked the woman to put one on, but she allegedly told the guard she did not have a mask, the South African reported Wednesday.

“After security asks her again saying she will be escorted out if she does not wear a mask, the woman is seen reaching under her dress, pulling down her thong and putting it on as a mask,” the outlet said:

“What’s… what’s going on?” a person nearby asked as the woman removed her underwear and placed it on her face. She then appeared to give the security guard a thumbs up.

“It is a mask,” a woman wearing a white shirt tells the other woman, adding, “And quite frankly, I think the bacteria on your knickers is less than on the mask.”

Twitter user Yusuf Abramjee shared additional video footage of the shopper in the white blouse appearing to tell the staff member she knew her legal rights:

The woman then took a piece of paper out of her bag and held it up, saying, “You are not obliged to wear a mask. Please check the paper.”

“This is against our constitutional rights, and to make you people wear masks all day long, it’s criminal. It’s criminal,” she said before walking out of the frame.

Officials in South Africa have reportedly deemed not wearing a mask a criminal offense.

“In December 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa stressed that not wearing a mask in public is inconsiderate and will not be tolerated,” the South African article read.

Meanwhile, Ramaphosa said in August his left-wing African National Congress (ANC) party was “deeply implicated” in corruption as evidence emerged of widespread “looting” of the country’s $26 billion rescue package, according to Breitbart News.

“The allegations of corruption in the procurement of goods and services for our country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has caused outrage among South Africans and among us in the executive,” he stated.

“It is disgraceful that at this time of national crisis, there are companies and individuals who seek to criminally benefit from our efforts to protect people’s health and save lives,” Ramaphosa concluded.


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